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 Black and White Works

Mural and Double-Leaf Panel Doors:

Brussels Painting Project

In the history of traditional painting and architecture, both students and professionals in these disciplines were encouraged to begin their projects by a combination of design and drawing which required concentration, measurements, and a freedom in the gestures and movements of the hand -- termed for centuries "freehand" drawing. In French and Spanish the term is "dessin au main levée" / "dibujo a mano alzada." 

The presentation of the many watercolors, pencil drawings, and charcoal/pastel images on this page along with the likewise numerous analytic line- and shade-sketches that served in my career as a creative artist and a professor of freehand drawing (disegno a mano libera), was put together to propose a rather unusual configuration of the more realistic land/seascapes/architecture vignettes together with the analytic preliminary lesson drawings to underline how much both modalities of imagery are intertwined and dependent on each other. The effect of painting the myriad combinations of these forms on double-leaf wooden doors speaks thematically about the workings of Art and the act of focusing the eye and the controlled freedom of the hand in producing a pleasant sort of narrative for a living room or dining area highlighted with such elements. The doors become literally "passages" of understanding and pleasure, even as they invite reverie and study on the part of the friends and family members who spend time in these spaces.

(NOTE: The shapes and colors of the various images can be modified, according to taste.)

Double Leaf Doors.jpg
Castello pugliese.jpg
Torres dibujos axonometricos.jpg
Rey Arturo apres NC WYETH.jpg
Sicilia Medieval Tower
Torre pugliese 2.jpg
Bozetto Griffo analitico.jpg
La Isla Nevada y ell cantor portugues So
Chiesa del Rosario Napoli.jpg
Arno reflections ink.jpg
Castello Federico II PRATO.jpg
Castello pugliese 3.jpg

The images from my Artist sketchbook arranged generally according to themes here --depending on their layout on the page, whether vertical or horizontal -- come from on-site sketching sessions as well as from my studio in Rome.   


Certosa pugliese.jpg
Colonna Lecce.jpg
Marina Trani.jpg
Piazza S Domenico Maggiore Napoli.jpg
Costiera Napolitana
Gate with Roman Urn
Siracusa Rooftops and Sea_
Scorcio con palazzo in colle.jpg
Torreone pugliese.jpg
Double Leaf Doors.jpg
Camaguey Rooftops.jpg
Man drawing Tower.jpg
Baldachino analitico.jpg
PAESTUM Doric Column
San Marciano.jpeg
Ritrovamento di Moise.jpg
Analitico 3 Point Perspective
Procida barchi sfumati.jpg
Scorcio toscano.jpg
Analitico Triumphal Arch
Chiostro di Bramante analitico.jpg
Analitico fachada figuras en nicho altan
Axis and Cubes analitico.jpg
Analitico S Maria della Salute
Analitico S M della Salute 2
Madonna di Loretto analitico.jpg
Nudo maschio analitico.jpg
Personnaggio della Odissea analitico.jpg
Analitico barco
Analitico Campanile romano
Analitico S M della Salute 3
nalitico Plan Elevations Tholos and Temp
Sezione aurea analitico.jpg
Analitico Loggia e Torre
Sfera analitica.jpg
Nicchia analitica.jpg
Sfere analitiche.jpg
Analitico bacino fontana
Analitico Vaso Trofeo
Bozzetto griffo analitico.jpg
Bozetto Griffo analitico 3.jpg

Cattedrale del Mare : TRANI

watercolor  11 "   x  17 "

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