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Favorite Tours  


I am experienced and LICENSED tour guide for the entire Rome and Lazio region in Italy. In this capacity, I offer a wide variety of standard or customized guided  tours of many sites in and around Rome. As my curriculum vitae (CV) shows, my tour paths have included various city museums of the United States, such as Miami's Villa Vizcaya, New York's MET, and  the great Philadelphia Museum of Art on Beacon Hill. 

My focus is always on the very personal perspective, and the narratives of my walks --both for groups of no more than 6 or 7 individuals or school  class teams of up to 15-20 students -- are always accompanied by  MY custom-drawn TIMELINES and other visual materials that enhance the tour experience and which I hand out at the beginning of the excursions. Below is a list of my repertoire of walks:

Discover with an artist and historian

the rich layers of Rome   

Walks (2-4 hours duration)

1) ROME:  The Ancient FORUM,  Palatine Hill,  and the Colosseum

2) Julius CAESAR and Emperor Caesar Augustus

3)  The Foro Boario and Temples of Hercules, Portunus, and Mouth of Truth

4)  Campidoglio (Capitol Hill) and the Capitoline Museums. 

5)  The Pantheon

6) Early Christian Basilicas 

7)  Vatican Museums including the Sistine Chapel,  and St. Peter's Basilica

8)  Caravaggio

9) Trastevere: Piazzas and Medieval Churches  

10) Aventine Hill Highlights


11) The Catacombs and Basilica of St. Agnese

12) The Popes and the  Renaissance


13)  Bernini vs.  Borromini: Two Artists of the Baroque Period

14)  The Meridian solar "Clock" inside Santa Maria degli Angeli


15)  Galleria Borghese 

16) Medieval Churches and their Underground Rome Sites


17) The Villa Farnesina of Renaissance Banker Agostino Chigi, with frescoes by Raphael

18) Underground Rome; the Roman Houses in Celio Hill, San Clemente and its Temple of Mithra


Walks (4-6 hours)/  Day Tours (*)


18)  TIVOLI and Villa D'Este  

19)  Pompeii and Naples

20)  Painted Etruscan tombs in Tarquinia  (*) 

21)  Frescoes of Piero della Francesca including Perugia, Arezzo, Urbino, and Rimini (2-3 day trip)

22)  Paestum and its Greek temples (6th Century B.C.) (overnight) 

23)  Sketching in Rome (indoor or outdoor) 

24)  Tosca Tour 

25)  Roman Aqueducts

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has to say about one of my TOURS 

Curriculum Vitae


Interview of José from the PBS series "The Curious Traveler"

A moment of rest during a tour of the Vatican Museums with a group of architecture students from the University of Miami   

University of Delaware students pose under the Archangel St. Michael of Castel Sant'Angelo, during their musical TOSCA Tour

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