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Let's have a SEMINAR Conversation About ROME .

It's easy.   Here are some topics:

8. Pope Gregory the Great and HADRIAN'S Mausoleum 

9. The Fresco of the SCHOOL OF ATHENS : Plato, Aristotle, and Heraclitus

10. The Two Nuns Who Made the Pope Return from AVIGNON

11. Hail MARY, Full of Grace : Thank You For the Renaissance

12. Why Greece Had No Michelangelos: Send in the Papal Armies


14. Saint Helen and CONSTANTINE: The Legend of the TRUE CROSS

1. Julius Caesar and his Rise to Power

2. Bernini's Saint Theresa in Ecstasy : What Would She Do If She Saw It?

3. Agostino Chigi 's Parties and The Italian Renaissance

4. Astrology and the Meridian : The Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels

5. The Spanish Side of CARAVAGGIO

6.Bramante's TEMPIETTO : The Gift of Ferninand and Isabella

7. CERVANTES and Rome : The Travels of PERSILES and SIGISMUNDA

Bernini Muted Solid Color.jpg
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