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My path as an artist has everything to do with my family history, my education in and out of school, and  the many amazing people I have met along the way.


In 2008, after 20 years teaching (first) writing and (subsequently) freehand drawing  at the University of Miami, the School of Architecture in Coral Gables offered me the life-changing opportunity to bring students to Rome, and to eventually stay in this City and carry on my work here on a deeper level. This is why my own open book of Rome is as full of handwritten notes and sketches about its piazzas, its Caesars, and its Popes,  as it might be of thoughts about 1-point perspective and the elegant form of an urn or vase. Rome has given me an opportunity  to discover how the active engagement of our eyes and hands when we draw while we travel or visit an important location can transform not only our visual language on paper but -- more importantly -- ourselves.



Hopefully this web page will give you a glimpse  into my Art world  and invite you to discover , in my company,  both Rome and some of the fascinating areas surrounding it.

Above are some of my paintings and works on paper, some dating back to the 1980s and 90s. Please click on any image to see it full size, or visit the various categories across the horizontal menu on top of the page to view more samples or to watch short video presentations of my work.

My Channel

My Channel

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Las Meninas Complete Pencil Sketch Plus.

The great painting of  Las Meninas by Spanish Master

Diego Velazquez used to be displayed in Madrid's

                    PRADO MUSEUM

with a large mirror  alongside of it, until the 1970s.

Click my Sketch of Las Meninas  above to read the story of how my father  introduced me to this masterpiece by taking me inside the Prado's  magic mirror ... in 1963.



Click on the arrow to view

how my pencils, ink pens, and            brushes showed me                the magnificence of the City. 


Paintings and Drawings


*** CLICK HERE to read more about the

JASON Triptych ****

Oil Triptych  

Stories and Drawings



Click on the arrow to view how my sketchbook from a trip to Naples, Italy, became a 3-panel painted screen telling the story of Greek hero JASON and his expedition to obtain The Golden Fleece 

Obras de Arte
A selection of major paintings and works on paper ~~ with film of my parents in Delaware

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